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Childhood Enrichment Center

"Providing a safe, fun, and caring child-centered environment."


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Our infant program has been developed to provide each unique child in our care a safe and loving home away from home. We have created an environment from an infant's perspective to ensure a cozy and stimulating place for your child and to satisfy their developmental needs. Through singing, talking, holding, and playing your child will enjoy and develop from their interaction in our carefully designed sensory based learning experiences.  



Communication Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills

Cognitive Skills

Emotional Growth



All of your child's needs will be met by our focused, energetic, and dedicated infant teachers. Our staff are mature childcare professionals who receive ongoing training in early childhood development, health, safety, and sanitation. They have been carefully chosen for their infant experience, motherly warmth, and commitment to each and every child in their care.






At Kids of Miller Place, communication will become a critical component in the care of your child. You will receive daily reports on your child's day including their feeding, diapering, napping, temperment, and activities. Our goal is not only to be a trusted caregiver but to become one of your best resources when it comes to your child.

We offer flexible scheduling to meet your infant care needs. Please call or stop by and let us give you a tour of our nursery.

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